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absolute/magento2-cache-bust 3.1.2

Absolute Commerce Cache Bust extension for Magento 2

addressfinder/module-magento2 1.2.1

Address Autocomplete for your Magento 2 store by AddressFinder

affirm/magento2 3.0.2

Affirm's extension for the Magento 2

agencednd/module-pimgento 100.4.0

Module Pimgento for Magento 2

akai/magento2-module-admin-theme-switcher 1.0.1

A module that adds an option to switch between admin themes to Magento 2 admin panel

algolia/algoliasearch-magento-2 1.9.1

Algolia Search integration for Magento 2

allindata/magento2-content-fuzzyfyr 1.7.0

The Content Fuzzyfyr module for Magento2 fills up empty content fields - and if needed - switches real content with dummy content. This is for development purposes, e.g. save time to prepare test data and being compliant to GDPR.

ampersand/category-code 1.2.7

Add a unique identifier to categories so that they may be identified by external systems

ampersand/magento2-upgrade-patch-helper v1.4.0

A script to help identify local overrides and preferences which need to be reviewed when upgrading magento2

amzn/amazon-pay-and-login-magento-2-module 3.2.9

Official Magento2 Plugin to integrate with Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon

artera/module-privacy 2.0.3

A Magento 2 module that adds the Privacy acceptance checkbox in customer registration page, contact page and newsletter subscription form (retrieving text from Terms and Conditions).

aune-io/magento2-autoinvoice 1.2.0

Automatically invoice all complete orders in your Magento 2 store

aune-io/magento2-product-category-url-fix 1.2.0

Product category url fix for Magento 2

aune-io/magento2-product-grid-category-filter 1.3.0

Product grid category filter for Magento 2

aune-io/magento2-stripe 3.0.0

Stripe payments integration module for Magento 2

avstudnitz/disable-modules 1.0.4

Adds a console command to show all modules which can be safely disabled as they have no declared dependencies

bambora/module-payment-magento2 2.1.3

Magento 2 payment module for Bambora Online

bigbridge/product-import 1.3.1

Fast product import library for Magento 2

bitexpert/magento2-force-customer-login 3.2.0

The Force Login module for Magento2 redirects a storefront visitor to the Magento2 Frontend login page, if the visitor is not logged in. It is possible to configure the whitelisted urls to add custom definitions.

bitexpert/magerun2-list-api-endpoints v1.0.2

Plugin for netz98 Magerun2 to list all API endpoints

blackbird/installschemagenerator 100.1.3

This module enable you to retrieve InstallSchema.php from tables of your choice

blackbird/module-catalog-default-qty 1.0.0

This module allows you to set default qty by set of product types.

blackbird/module-disable-reports 0.2.0

This module lets not overloaded the database of reports and log.

blackbird/module-orange-sms-notification 1.1.1

Orange Sms connector to the Sms Notification module adapters.

bogardo/mailgun-magento2 0.1.4

Send Magento's transactional emails with the Mailgun API

boldcommerce/magento2-ordercomments 1.6.3

Magento 2 Module to add a comment field above the place order button in the checkout

botamp/botamp 1.0.0

Botamp extension for Magento2

brandung/cash-on-delivery-fee 2.1.1

Adds a fee for cash on delivery payment method

bryanyeh/emailevent 1.0.3

A Magento 2 Extension, sends email of highest % off coupon code to returning customer

capturly/magento2-plugin 1.0.0

The plugin allows you to easily setup the tool on your Magento website. Install the plugin, add your Capturly tracking code and start to optimize your website.

cardknox/cardknox 1.0.0

Cardknox integration for Magento 2

celebros/module-autocomplete 1.2.1

Add autocomplete to searchbox

celebros/module-celexport 1.3.9

Export Products for Celebros Service

celebros/module-conversionpro 1.1.5

Celebros ConversionPro Include

clawrock/m2-adwords 1.0.0

New Google AdWords tracking

clawrock/m2-bugherd 1.0.0

BugHerd tracking module for Magento2

clawrock/m2-customer-coupon 1.0.3

Module provides enhancements to sales rules.

clawrock/m2-product-shipping 1.0.0

Module is responsible for displaying shipping methods on product view page.

clawrock/magento2-twig-engine 1.0.0

Magento 2 Twig Template Engine

clivewalkden/magento2-checkoutsuccess v1.0.2

A plugin for Magento 2 that keeps the Checkout Success page visible for styling on refresh

clivewalkden/magento2-usersnap v1.0.1

A plugin for Magento 2 that outputs the Usersnap javascript code into the website

cloudflare/cloudflare-magento 1.1.8

Cloudflare Plugin for Magento2

codeko/redsys 3.0.6

Magento 2 Redsys virtual POS extension


Magento2 HideEmptyCategories


Magento2 MailPreview


Magento2 PhoneNotRequired

codisto/codisto-connect 1.91.9

Codisto Connect Magento 2 Extension

compropago/magento2 5.0.1

A Magento 2 module for ComproPago, cash and SPEI payments

comunicart/magento2-reset 2.1.0

Reset database removing categories, products, orders, customers and reviews.

contactlab/magento2-hub 1.8.0

Contacthub module for Magento 2

copex/vatfix 1.0.8

Magento2 module for accepting VAT's (UID) with country code (ex.ATU69932326) as usual in EU.

craftyclicks/module-clicktoaddress 1.1.8

Adds Global Address Auto-Complete to Magento 2.

creatuity/magento2-custom-maintenance 1.0.3

Creatuity Custom Maintenance for Magento 2

creatuity/magento2-rich-pins 1.0.0

Pinterest Rich Product Pins module for Magento 2

ctech/configurator 2.3

ConfigureTech Inc Configurator Module

ctidigital/magento2-configurator 2.0.4

Keep magento persistently configured using files

ctidigital/module-advanced-acl-permissions 1.0.1

Advanced ACL permissions management module for Magento 2

ctidigital/module-google-address-lookup 1.2.0

Provides an address lookup service on a Magento 2 store powered by the Google Places API

czonetech/slider 2.0.3

Create image sliders or content sliders for Magento2 easily and enhance the user experience

daanbeverdam/checkout-block-provider 1.1.0

Provides a CMS block to the knockout checkout template.

dakzilla/intervention-image-helper 1.0.5

Intervention Image helper for Magento 2

danielsousa/magento2-module-urlrewrite 1.1.0

Rebuild Url Rewrite for magento 2

dannynimmo/magento2-visual-merchandiser-rebuild 0.1.2

Rebuild Magento 2 Visual Merchandiser categories using the CLI tool

davidandvinai/module-preferencesinfocommand 1.0.0

Magento 2 bin/magento command to display configured preferences for classes or interfaces

davidumoh/module-auth0 v0.4.0

This is an extension that adds the ability to log into your Magento application using Auth0


A Magento 2 module that allows an administrator to create reports in the admin panel. This is modeled after the Clean Reports module for Magento 1.

dibs/module-payment-flexwin 2.4.0

Integration with DIBS payment gateway for D2 merchants

divante-ltd/theme-frontend-rapid 2.2.0

Divante Rapid Theme for Magento 2


Magento-Pimcore bridge module.

dmatthew/magento2-attribute-description 0.2.2

Add descriptions to your product attributes.

dmatthew/magento2-hover-image 1.0.1

Change product image on hover on category pages

dmatthew/magento2-module-brand 0.1.0

Custom EAV Entity for Magento's manufacturer product attribute.

dmatthew/magento2-widget-parameters 1.0.1

Custom widget parameter types for improved CMS Page building 1.2.0

A custom shipping module for

dotmailer/dotmailer-magento2-extension 3.2.4

dotmailer integration for magento 2

dotmailer/dotmailer-magento2-extension-enterprise 1.0.3

dotmailer integration for magento 2 enterprise


Integration with Dotpay payments

dreipunktnull/magento2-module-shariff v0.0.5

Magento 2 Integration for Heise Shariff

eadesigndev/module-fullbreadcrumbs 1.0.4

Full breadcrumbs for product page

eadesignro/module-mobiledetect 1.1.7

Magento 2 EaDesign Mobile Detect System

eadesignro/module-pdfgenerator 1.2.9

The best pdf generator for Magento. EaDesign PDF Generator

eadesignro/module-warehouses 1.0.1

Magento 2 EaDesign Warehouses Store View Inventory

eadesignro/ro_ro 1.1.2

Romanian language pack for Magento 2 CE

eadesignro/romcity 1.1.7

A module that adds checkout city field to checkout quote shipping address

ebizmarts/magento2-abandonedcart 3.0.8

Send abandoned cart emails

ebizmarts/magento2-autoresponder 3.0.9

Send autoresponders emails

ebizmarts/magento2-magemonkey 3.0.9

Connect Mailchimp with Magento

ebizmarts/magento2-mandrill 3.3.16

Connect Mandrill with Magento

eightwire/magento2-module-primer 0.1.9

A cache primer extension for Magento 2

elgentos/backend-launcher 0.1.0

Magento 2 module which adds a launcher to the Magento 2 backend interface. Inspired by PulseStormLauncher.

elgentos/category-tiling 0.1.4

Adds tiling display option to categories for showing sub-categories as tiles

elgentos/frontend2fa 0.1.8

Magento 2 Frontend 2FA implementation

emartech/emarsys-magento2-extension 1.5.5

Magento2 integration for the Emarsys Marketing Platform

emizentech/shopbybrand 1.0.0

Emizentech Shop By Brand

ericthehacker/magento2-configscopehints 3.1.1

Magento 2 store config override hints module

ethanyehuda/magento2-cronjobmanager v1.9.0

A module for managing scheduled cron jobs from magento's admin panel

eusonlito/magento2-language-es_es 0.0.8

Magento 2 Spanish (Spain) language package - Paquete de idioma Español (España) para Magento 2

evan-burrell/stores 1.0.2

Retail stores Magento 2 module

experius/module-cleanup 1.2.0

A Magento 2 module for cleaning up images and data

experius/module-fakemydata 1.0.2

Magento 2 Customer Data Faker. Replaces existing customer data for fake data. Used for develop and staging environments.

experius/module-missingtranslations 2.1.8

Collect missing translations in specified folder or the entire Magento 2 Root. Adds database editing and management of translations.

experius/module-wysiwygdownloads 1.0.9

This module makes it possible to upload different filetypes inside the WYSIWYG-editor. Extra filetypes are Word (doc, docm, docx), Excel (csv, xml, xls, xlsx), PDF (pdf), Compressed Folder (zip, tar)

faonni/module-customer-create-address 2.0.8

Show Address Fields in Customer Registration Form.

faonni/module-product-available 2.0.8

Extension allows the store owner to hide the product price and add to cart button from guests or certain customer groups.

faonni/module-smart-category 2.3.0

SmartCategory module is a base of Smart Categories functionality.

faonni/module-smart-category-configurable 2.3.0

SmartCategory functionality from configurable products.

faonni/module-smart-category-kit 2.1.1

SmartCategory module is a full of Smart Categories functionality.

Extension add Tracking Url in Shipment Email.

fastly/magento2 1.2.99

Fastly CDN Module for Magento 2.x

fc/custom_handles 1.0.0

Space for adding custom layout handles for frontend originally to add customer_logged_in and customer_logged_out handles

firebear/fastprice 1.1.2

Magento 2 FastPrice

firebear/shapeshift 1.0.8

Add new payment method for

firegento/fastsimpleimport 1.3.1

Wrapper for Magento2 ImportExport functionality, which imports products and customers from arrays

firegento/magesetup2 v0.1.2

MageSetup provides the necessary configuration (system config, tax, agreements, etc. for a national market.

fisheye/module-lazyload 2.1.0

A Magento 2 module that adds support for lazy loading of images.

fisheye/module-modal 1.0.2

A Magento 2 module that adds a reusable modal component that can be configured using layout XML arguments.

fisheye/module-url-rewrite-optimiser 1.0.2

A Magento module that stops URL rewrites with category paths being generated for products when 'Use Categories Path for Product URLs' setting is disabled in config.

flancer32/mage2_ext_bot_sess 0.1.3

Magento2: prevent session creation for bots & crawlers.

flancer32/mage2_ext_email_hijack 0.2.3

Hijack all emails being sent by Magento and forward its to developers.

flancer32/mage2_ext_free_rates 0.2.0

Magento 2: Currency converter to get rates from

flancer32/mage2_ext_log_api 0.2.0

Magento 2 activities logger (API, JS errors)

flancer32/mage2_ext_login_as 0.2.1

'Login As' module for Magento 2.

flurrybox/enhanced-privacy 2.0.0

Magento 2 module to make your store GDPR compatible

fontis/australia-mage2 1.0.4

Magento extension that provides functionality for Australian stores.

fooman/emailattachments-m2 3.1.7

Automatically attach pdf and terms and conditions documents to outgoing sales emails.

fooman/printorderpdf-m2 3.1.4

Print the order as a pdf from the admin

foxycom/adroll 1.0.6

Adroll Tracking by Foxycom

foxycom/advanced-contact 1.0.1

Extended contact form by Foxycom

galacticlabs/disable-compare-products 1.0.1

Disable compare products functionality

gene/module-kraken 1.0.4

Optimise images uploaded through the Magento admin with from GENE Commerce

ghoster/autoinstagrampost 1.1.7

Share your e-commerce products automatically through Instagram after you adding them to Magento

ghoster/facebook-comment 1.1.1

Adds an extra tab to the Magento 2 Product View page with Facebook Comment Edit

heidelpay/magento2 19.7.29

This extension for Magento 2 provides a direct integration of the Heidelpay payment methods to your Magento 2 shop.

henhed/module-piwik v2.0.2

Piwik analytics module for Magento 2

hexasoft/module-fraudlabspro 2.0.9

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention plugin that screen the order transaction for online frauds. Fraud Prevention extension for Magento 2.

hipay/hipay-fullservice-sdk-magento2 1.6.1

The HiPay Fullservice module for Magento 2 is a PHP module which allows you to accept payments in your Magento 2 online store.

honl/magento2-nl-nl 1.1.9

H&O Magento 2 Dutch Translations / Nederlandse Vertalingen

icepay/icepay-magento2-module 1.0.1-beta1

ICEPAY integration for Magento 2

idealcode/magento2-module-task-tracker 1.0.0

Simple task tracker for Magento 2

interjar/bugsnag 2.3.0

Magento 2 Bugsnag for remote debugging

inxmail/magento2-module 1.1.0

Inxmail Magento 2 Module

iproger/magento2-module-deploymentprogressbar 0.1.3

Progress Bar for static-content:deploy command

irishtitan/handshake v1.4.1

Make the Magento 2 development process easier.

it4mage/magento2-traduzione-italiana 4.0.0

Magento2 Italian Language Pack (it_IT)

itonomy/bundleproductchangeqty 1.0.1

Magento 2 - Let customers change the quantity for checkbox based options with bundle products.

jframeworks/shippingtracking 1.0.0

Track Shipment allows customer to track his order shipping using USPS, Fedex, UPS and DHL shipping methods.

justbetter/magento2-algolia-wordpress-integration 1.0.2

Magento 2 module which integrates Wordpress pages and posts in the Algolia Magento 2 module

justbetter/magento2-disable-spam-in-log 1.0.0

Magento 2 disables log lines with certain log level

justbetter/magento2-image-optimizer 1.2.0

Magento 2 Image optimizer wrapper build on

justbetter/magento2-sentry 0.7.2

Magento 2 Logger for Sentry

kiwicommerce/module-admin-activity 1.0.6

The Admin Activity extension makes it easy to track all admin activity and revert the modification.

kiwicommerce/module-cron-scheduler 1.0.5

Easily set up and manage cron jobs from the backend with a beautiful and managed timeline feature. Find the actual load on CPU/Memory by cron job execution.

kiwicommerce/module-login-as-customer 1.0.3

This extension allows the admin to log in to customer account from admin panel. By logging in, admin can behave as a registered customer from the storefront.

Search that learns, generates sales. Fastest, most advanced cloud-based search, autocomplete, instant search

knawat/module-dropshipping 1.0.6

Knawat Magento DropShipping is used to Add,Manage products to your Magento store easily from for selling

kodbruket/magento2-gtm 1.0.4

Google Tag Manager for Magento 2

lalbert/magento2-fr_fr v1.0.9

French (France) language pack for Magento 2

limesharp/stockists 2.0.9

This is a stockists store locator extension for magento2

lizardmedia/module-password-migrator 1.0.7

Lizard Media PasswordMigrator module for migrating passwords from legacy systems to Magento

lizardmedia/module-product-attachments 1.0.3

Products attachment by LizardMedia

lizardmedia/module-varnish-warmer 2.0.1

Varnish Cache Warmer Magento2 module by Lizard Media

loganstellway/module-fishpig-bedrock 0.0.6

Extends FishPig WordPress module to support Bedrock WordPress boilerplate

loganstellway/module-propel-media 0.0.1

PropelMedia conversion tracking for Magento 2

m2e/ebay-amazon-magento2 1.4.0

M2E Pro is a Magento trusted (TM), award-winning extension, which allows merchants of all sizes to fully integrate Magento based system(s) into eBay/Amazon/Walmart platforms.

magefan/module-conflict-detector 2.0.4

Detect extension conflicts

magefan/module-geoip 2.1.1

Allows to get country code by IP

magefan/module-rocketjavascript 2.1.3

Move all javascripts to the footer on Magento 2 store.

magefox/membership 1.0.3

A Magento 2 Membership module.

magemojo/m2-ce-cron 1.2.8-stable

Replacement package for Magento 2 Cron Functionality

magenerds/baseprice 2.0.0

This module displays base prices

This module adds a link from category edit view to category's products


This module provides general settings for german stores

magenerds/language-de_de 1.0.9

German (Germany) language

magenerds/ldap 2.0.2

LDAP auth for Magento 2 backend login

magenerds/pagedesigner 4.1.6

This module lets you edit cms pages easily with drag and drop

magenerds/wishlistnotification 2.0.0

This module gives you an overview of customers' wishlist products

magenizr/magento2-customshipping 1.0.0

This Magento 2 module allows you to provide a custom shipping method in backend only, frontend only or both. With the Scheduler feature you can manage the availability automatically.

magenizr/magento2-debugger 1.0.0

This Magento 2 module allows developers to view the latest report file from ./var/report/ or download the entire log and report folder as a tar file.

magenizr/magento2-deleteorders 1.0.1

This Magento 2 modules allows admin users to delete orders with all related information such as invoices, shipments and credit memos.

magenizr/magento2-hideshippingmethod 1.0.0

Hide Shipping Method allows admin users to hide one or multiple shipping methods on the cart and checkout page. This can be limited to specific weekdays, by start and end-date or customer sessions.

magenizr/magento2-newsletter-subscribe-at-checkout 1.0.1

This Magento 2 module allows you to enable a newsletter subscription checkbox on the checkout page. Customers can subscribe to your newsletter list in Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Subscribers during checkout.

magenizr/magento2-resetuibookmarks 1.0.1

This Magento 2 module allows you to reset your UI bookmarks such as state of filters, column positions, grid sorting, pagination and so on.

magento-ecg/coding-standard 3.1

A set of PHP_CodeSniffer rules and sniffs.

magento/marketplace-eqp 4.0.0

A set of PHP_CodeSniffer rules and sniffs.

magepal/magento2-customeraccountlinksmanager 1.1.8

Customer Account Links Manager for Magento2 allows you to quickly and easily remove unwanted links from customer account dashboard

magepal/magento2-gmailsmtpapp 2.6.4

Magento 2 SMTP Extension - Configure Magento 2 to send all transactional email using Gmail, G Suite, Amazon SES, Office360, Mailgun, SendGrid, Mandrill or any other SMTP servers

magepal/magento2-reindex 1.0.7

Reindex your Magento2 store quickly and easily from backend/admin, instead of command line.

mageplaza/magento-2-banner-slider-extension 1.2.1

Magento 2 Banner Slider extension

mageplaza/module-banner-slider 2.0.3

Magento 2 Banner Slider extension

This extension allows you enable an EU compliant consent cookie notification banner.

magestat/module-floating-buy-button 1.0.5

Get your customer attention the most important action in your online store, the purchase.

magestat/module-log-webapi 1.0.2

This extension creates a log file and saves all transactions that are requested through your store's Rest API.

magestat/module-split-order 1.0.6

This extension allows your online store to split the order into an order for each item in the cart.

mageware/magento2-hibp 1.0.1

Magento 2.x CE integration module for HIBP service.

mageware/magento2-ip-filter 1.0.1

Magento 2.x CE module for filtering IP addresses on storefront.

mageware/magento2-smtp-mailer 1.0.1

Magento 2.x CE module for utilizing custom SMTP server to send transactional and bulk emails.

Magento 2 module fixing Magento Cookie Restriction bug on Magento 2.1.x versions

magma/magento2-it-it 1.0.7

Italian (italiano) Magento2 Language Pack (it_IT) From Magma Consulting

magma/magento2-italian-regions 1.0.6

A Magento 2 module that adds Italian regions (provinces)

magma/magento2-privacy-auth 1.0.3

The Magento 2 PrivacyAuth adds customer privacy authorization request in variuos pages.

magmodules/m2-webwinkelkeur 1.0.4

WebwinkelKeur integration for Magento 2

magmodules/magento2-channable 1.4.9

Channable integration for Magento 2

magmodules/magento2-sooqr 1.0.9

Sooqr integration for Magento 2

magmodules/the-feedback-company 1.0.6

The Feedback Company integration for Magento 2

manishjoy/module-producturlrewrite 1.0.0

free magento 2 extension to resolve product url rewrite issue

marellocommerce/magento2-marello-bridge 1.0.0

Marello Bridge Extension for Magento 2

maxmage/ajax-shopping-cart-page 1.0.0

Module for Magento 2 module which provide a possibility to disable customer registration on frontend

maxmage/disable-registration 1.0.0

Module for Magento 2 module which provide a possibility to disable customer registration on frontend

maxmage/international-telephone-input 1.0.0

International Telephone Input module for Magento 2

maxserv/magento-module-yoastseo 2.0.3

Yoast SEO integration by MaxServ

meanbee/magento2-csspreload 1.2.1

Magento 2 module that allows loading of stylesheets with the preload attribute

meanbee/magento2-serviceworker 2.2.0

A Magento 2 extension that adds Service Worker support.

meanbee/magento2-svghelper 1.1.0

Magento 2 module that provides a block level helper for reading in an SVG files source from a theme

meanbee/magento2-webappmanifest 1.1.0

A Magento 2 extension that adds a Web App Manifest to the store.

mediaman/module-wishlist-api 1.0.1

Magento 2 module that provides an API to interact with the Wishlist module.

mercadopago/magento2-plugin 3.3.0

Mercado Pago Magento 2 Plugin

mestrona/magento-module-categoryredirect 2.1.0

Magento 2 Module to simply customize the menu with additional URLs: Create a category, enter the redirect, done.

minimit/xtend-magento v0.5.5

Xtend theme for magento2

monashee/module-recaptcha v1.0.2

Magento 2 Recaptcha for Contact Page, Customer Create, and Forgot Password

monashee/module-smtp 1.0.2

Magento 2 extension which allows custom SMTP such as SendGrid, MailUp etc for sending transactional email

mondido/magento2-mondido 1.3.9

Mondido payment module for Magento 2.

mslwk/module-xml-url-rewrites 1.0.0

Magento2 module creating URL rewrites using XML files

msp/adminrestriction 1.3.0

Magento2 Admin IP based restriction - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

msp/module-notifier-all 0.1.9

MageSpecialist Notifier Full Package

msp/passwd 1.2.0

Simple digest auth module for Magento2 - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

msp/recaptcha 1.4.9

Google reCaptcha integration for Magento2 - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

msp/twofactorauth 2.1.9

Two Factor Authentication module for Magento2 - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

msp/userlockout 1.1.1

Brute force prevention system for Magento2 - Member of MageSpecialist SecuritySuite

multisafepay/magento2msp 1.7.1

MultiSafepay module for Magento2

mulwi/mulwisearch-magento2 0.0.2

Mulwi Search integration for Magento 2

mycenter/language-el_gr 2.0.0-alpha8

Greek language pack for Magento 2 shopping cart.

n98/magerun2 3.2.0

Tools for managing Magento projects and installations

oddyssey/mailtrap 1.0.2

Simple Mailtrap integration for Magento 2

olegkoval/magento2-regenerate-url-rewrites 1.4.3

Add into Magento 2 a CLI feature which allow to regenerate a Url rewrites of products and categories

ometria/magento2 1.4.1

Dev composer package for Ometria Extension

omise/omise-magento 2.8.0

Accept payments on your Magento 2 website with Omise

opengento/module-gdpr 2.0.0-beta5

Gdpr Compliance Module for Magento 2

openxtra/theme-frontend-warthog 1.0.9

Theme for Project Warthog website.

opsway/magento2-onelogin 1.0.0

Module that makes it possible to login to Magento Admin via Onelogin Identity provider

oxcom/magento2-currency-services 1.0.6

This is a module that allows to update currency rates from addition external sources.

oxcom/magento2-top-products 1.0.7

This is a module that extends Magento2 API to get list of TOP products.

pavelleonidov/magento2-webapi-pdfinvoice 0.0.2

REST API connector to EaDesignro's PDF generator, returns given invoice as base64-encoded PDF output string

paybox/epayment 1.0.9

Epayment payment module for Magento 2

payex/magento2-payments 1.1.3

Official PayEx Payments Extension for Magento2

payone-gmbh/magento-2 v2.6.0

PAYONE payment gateway for all German online and offline payment methods including PayPal, all major Credit Cards and Maestro.

payscrow/payscrow-gateway 1.1.2

Payscrow Premium Escrow Service enables your store to easily connect with the Payscrow payment Service in Nigeria

pcapredict/tag 2.0.8

Address Validation for Checkout Forms

ph2m/assign-guest-orders-m2 1.4

Automatically reassign guest orders to customer when an account is created

ph2m/captcha-m2 1.1.2

Captcha for Magento 2

ph2m/remove-home-from-sitemap 1.0.1

A Magento 2 module that removes home from sitemap

pmclain/magento2-authorizenetcim v1.0.3 CIM for Magento 2

pmclain/magento2-tfa 1.1.1

Two Factor Authentication for Magento 2 Admin

pmclain/module-one-click-checkout v0.1.1

One Click Checkout - Magento 2

pmclain/module-stripe v2.1.1

Stripe Payments for Magento 2

pmclain/module-twilio 2.0.2

Twilio SMS Notifications

pstk/paystack-magento2-module v1.0.2

Paystack integration for Magento 2

qordoba/magento2-connector 1.0.9

Qordoba Connector Magento-2 Extension

quickpay/magento2 1.1.6

Implements integration with the QuickPay payment service provider.

rayms/magento2-order-events-broadcaster 1.2

A magento 2 extension that broadcast data to an API for certain order events

recaptureio/magento2-connector 2.4.9

Recapture Magento2 Connector

recolize/module-recommendation-engine-magento2 1.0.7

The Recolize Recommendation Engine as extension for Magento 2

rejoiner/module-acr 2.4.4

Rejoiner extension for Magento 2

renatocason/magento2-module-mq 1.1.0

Magento 2 Message Queue OS Module

reviewscouk/reviews 0.0.9b Magento 2 Integration

richdynamix/personalised-products 1.1.0

Personalised products module for Magento 2 using PredictionIO Machine Learning

rohitkundale/order-comment 1.0.1

Allows customer to add a special note/message/comment or instruction while placing an order

rsc/betterblockhints 0.1.2

Better template block hints for designing Magento2 templates and modifying layout XML

rubic/magento2-module-cache-clear 1.0.5

Clears Magento 2 cache when it become invalidated.

rubic/magento2-module-clean-checkout 2.0.0

A drop-in replacement for the Magento 2 checkout.

rubic/magento2-module-custom-email-theme 1.0.0

Specify a custom theme for Magento 2 emails.

samgranger/module-store-code-body-class 2.0.1

The Store Code Body Class module for Magento2 adds the website & store code to the body class.

samsteele/spam-registration-blocker 1.0.3

Plugin to block automated customer registration spam

sbodak/magento2-b2b-disable-add-to-cart-button-for-guest 1.0.3

This extension allows you to disable Add to cart button for guest. Useful feature for B2B store.

sbodak/magento2-b2b-disable-customer-registration 1.0.4

This extension allows you to disable customer registration in your Magento 2.

sbodak/magento2-checkout-custom-form 1.2.1

Add a custom form to Magento 2 checkout on the first step.

scandiweb/module-menumanager 0.1.9

Scandiweb Menu Manager module for Magento 2.

schumacherfm/magento-twig 1.1.5

Twig template engine for Magento 2

scriptua/magento2-quickview 1.0.4

Script QuickView Module

sebwite/magento2-sentry 1.0.1

Magento 2.0 Logger for Sentry

sebwite/magento2-smartsearch 1.0.3

Magento 2.0 SmartSearch

shipperhq/module-address-autocomplete 20.3.0

ShipperHQ Address Autocomplete Tool

shipperhq/module-shipper 20.9.0

Magento Shipping integration with ShipperHQ

shippit/magento2 1.4.9

Shippit Integration Module

shippit/magento2-addon-webshopapps-matrixrates 1.0.2

Shippit Integration Module Addon - WebShopApps MatrixRates

shockwavemk/magento2-module-cron-schedule v0.2.2

Show advanced information for scheduled crons in Magento2 Backend

shockwavemk/magento2-module-mail v1.1.2

Base module for extending Magento2 mail features

shockwavemk/magento2-module-mail-smtp v0.3.0

Extending shockwavemk mail module by smtp host configuration

shopigo/magento2-extension-access-restriction 1.0.2

Magento 2 Access Restriction extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-admin-role-startup 1.0.2

Magento 2 Admin Role Startup extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-ajax-layered-navigation 1.0.1

Magento 2 AJAX Layered Navigation extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-ajax-listing 1.0.1

Magento 2 AJAX Listing extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-ajax-pagination-sorting 1.0.1

Magento 2 AJAX Pagination and Sorting extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-infinite-scroll 1.0.1

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-login-as-customer 1.0.1

Magento 2 Login as Customer extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-price-format 1.0.3

Magento 2 Price Format extension by Shopigo

shopigo/magento2-extension-swiss-post 1.0.1

Magento 2 Swiss Post extension by Shopigo

siteimpulse/magento2-monitoring 1.0.0

Monitor your Website uptime with services - and have all the charts and tables displayed in your Admin panel.

smile/elasticsuite 2.8.1

Magento 2 merchandising and search engine built on ElasticSearch

snowdog/frontools 1.7.2

Set of front-end tools for Magento 2, based on Gulp.js

snowdog/language-pl_pl 0.9.0

Polish locale package for Magento 2

snowdog/module-menu 2.9.0

Provides powerful menu editor to replace category based menus in Magento 2

snowdog/theme-blank-sass 1.3.0

SASS based version of Magento 2 Blank theme

snowio/magento2-extended-product-repository v2.3.0

A Magento 2 module which allows product creation with extended attribute option labels

snowio/magento2-lock v1.3.0

A Magento 2 module which provides a multi-server lock service

snowio/magento2-mutexes v2.2.0

A Magento 2 module which encapsulates various operations in mutex locks

snowio/magento2-product-rating-extension v2.0.0

A Magento 2 module which exposes a products average ratings and rating count as an extension attribute

sozodesign/magento2-jivochat 1.0.4

A plugin for Magento 2 that outputs the JivoChat javascript code into the website

sozodesign/magento2-purechat v1.0.1

A plugin for Magento 2 that outputs the PureChat javascript code into the website

space48/magento2-environment-configuration 1.1.2

Console command to set Magento configuration for a specified environment

springbot/magento2-plugin 1.8.1

Springbot integration for Magento 2

springbot/magento2-queue 1.1.9

A generic job queuing package for Magento 2


All sort options in dropdown in Catalog


Includes configuration in admin and wrapping defaults Components.

springimport/magento2-module-massaction-newtab 1.0.3

Allow open mass actions in new tabs.

spryngpayments/magento2-extension 1.0.1

Spryng Payment Module for Magento 2

staempfli/magento2-code-generator 1.9.4

Staempfli AG - Magento 2 Code Generator Tool

staempfli/magento2-language-de-ch 1.2.1

German (Switzerland) language

staempfli/magento2-module-chat-connector 1.1.1

Magento 2 Chat Connector required for HipChat and Slack Module

staempfli/magento2-module-checkout-newsletter-subscription 1.0

Magento 2 Checkout Newsletter Subscription

staempfli/magento2-module-image-resizer 2.0.3

Magento 2 Module to add simple image resizing capabilities in all blocks and .phtml templates

staempfli/magento2-module-mailcatcher 2.0.3

magento 2 module to catch, log and redirect emails on local and dev

staempfli/magento2-module-pdf 1.1

Staempfli PDF generator.

staempfli/magento2-module-spreadsheet 1.0.0

Magento 2 Module for parsing xlsx, xlsm and csv files from Excel

stockbase/magento2-module 2.1.3

A Magento 2 module for Stockbase

strategery/magento2-infinitescroll 0.3.1

Magento2 InfiniteScroll module to load the next catalog page or results when scrolling down a page.

studioemma/magento2-module-core v2.1.3

Studio Emma Core module, with general functionality used in Magento 2 project

studioemma/magento2-module-optimus 2.0.9

Optimus module with enhancements to blank Magento theme

studioemma/magento2-theme-optimus v2.2

Base theme used by Studio Emma

studioraz/magento2-cardcom 1.0.0

Studioraz - Magento 2 module for Cardcom Payment Gateway (Israel)

sussexdev/module-ajaxlogin 1.1.1

A Magento 2 module that opens a modal enabling the customer to login when clicking on the Sign In top link.

sussexdev/module-cloudflare 1.0.3

A Magento 2 module that purges the website's Cloudflare cache when flushing the cache storage in the Magento admin.

sussexdev/module-customerhandles 1.0.2

A Magento 2 module that adds customer_logged_in and customer_logged_out layout handles.

suttonsilver/module-outofstocknotification 0.1.0

Products out of stock get a notification modal

sveaekonomi/magento2-module 1.6.8

Svea Ekonomi payments. Invoice, Payment Plan, Card, Directbank.

swiftotter/shipping-surcharge v2.1.7

A Magento 2 module that adds a shipping surcharge to order total.

swissup/easycatalogimg 1.4.3

Create category listings with thumbnail images

swissup/easytabs 1.6.0

Custom tabs for product and CMS pages

swissup/email 0.2.5

Magento2 email providers integration (smtp, mandrill, amazon ses)

swissup/featured-attributes 1.1.0

Show selected attributes in the product listing

swissup/instaframe 0.10.0

Instagram feed widget

swissup/testimonials 1.2.5

Customer's testimonials at your store

symfonysi/magento2-sl-si v1.0.5

Slovenian (Slovenia) language package for Magento 2

sysforall/disabled-products-redirect 1.2.0

This module changes the default magento 404 page given when a product is disabled and redirects it to the first category it belongs to

targetbay/magento2 2.1.9

Targetbay Tracking

tddwizard/magento2-fixtures v0.8.0

Fixture library for Magento 2 integration tests

techdivision/import 9.0.0

A library supporting generic Magento 2 import functionality

thaiphan/magento2-s3 2.1.0

Use Amazon S3 as the file storage backend for your store.

tig/buckaroo v1.9.2-RC3

TIG Magento 2 Buckaroo extension

tig/maxcdn-magento2 1.1.1

TIG Magento 2 MaxCDN extension

tig/postcode-magento2 1.2.3

TIG Magento 2 Postcode extension

timpack/magento2-module-pwned-validator 1.0.0

Add 'Have I been pwned?' validator to Magento 2.

tinify/magento2 1.1.2

Make your web shop faster by compressing your JPEG and PNG images. This plugin automatically optimizes your images by integrating with the popular image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG.

tnw/quickbooksbasic 2.1.18

Magento 2 and Quickbooks Basic Connector

tnw/salesforce 2.5.7

Integration between Magento 2 and Salesforce

tobai/magento2-buyer-review 1.0.0

Checks whether an author of product review already bought the product.

tobai/magento2-geo-ip2 1.0.2

Integrate MaxMind GeoIP2 DB into Magento 2.

tobai/magento2-geo-store-switcher 2.0.0

Switching websites/stores depending on current country.

tobias-forkel/magento2-customshipping 1.2.1

This Magento 2 module allows you to provide a custom shipping method in backend only, frontend only or both.

tobias-forkel/magento2-newsletter-subscribe-at-checkout 1.0.2

This Magento 2 module allows you to enable a newsletter subscription checkbox on the checkout page. Customers can subscribe to your newsletter list in Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Subscribers during checkout.

trash-panda/m2-opcache-monitor 1.0.0

Monitor PHP OpCache from the Magento 2 Admin

trive/fiskal 1.1.1

Magento 2 Fiskal Extension

trive/varnish 1.0.0

Magento 2 Varnish Fixes Module

vendic/magento2-clean-cron-schedule 1.0.1

Magento 2.2 has issues with giant `cron_schedule` tables. The cron job running time will increase when the table gets bigger, causing heavy CPU usage.

vendic/magento2-offlinepayments 0.3.0

Add three offline payment methods (Cash, Prepaid and one customizable payment method) to Magento 2. Enable/disable per store view

vendic/magento2-stock-change-after-payment 1.0.1

Magento 2 module to decrease/increase product stock after invoice/creditmemo creation event

vendic/module-zopim 1.1.0

Zopim module for Magento 2

voicyou/cron 1.0.0

This is a Magento 2 Module for listing all the cron jobs that are installed in your Magento 2 store.

voicyou/productviews 1.0.0

This Magento 2 Module is used to show the product view reports on your Magento 2 store.

vovayatsyuk/magento2-alsoviewed 1.1.0

Product recommendations and suggestions. People who viewed this item also viewed. People with similar interests also viewed.

vpietri/adm-quickdevbar 0.1.9

QuickDevBar is a developer toolbar for magento 2

wapone/module-stickers 0.0.4

Product Discount Stickers for Magento 2

webfixit/cachehostsmanager 1.0.1

Allows the purge/clear/flush of the PHP OpCache via the CLI and Magento2 Backend

webfixit/opcache 1.2.0

Allows the purge/clear/flush of the PHP OpCache via the CLI and Magento2 Backend

webgriffe/module-config-override 2.3.1

A Magento 2 module that reads from file additional configuration

webshopapps/module-matrixrate 20.1.5

Magento Shipping Multiple Table Rates - MatrixRate

webshopapps/module-productrate 1.1.0

Magento Shipping Rates - ProductRate

webshopapps/module-shipping-tracker 0.0.3

Shipping Tracker - By the ShipperHQ Team

weprovide/magento2-module-dompdf 1.2.1

Result class for rendering a PDF using Dompdf

weprovide/magento2-module-fix-duplicate 1.0.0

Magento 2 | Fix Duplicate for linked product(s)

weprovide/magento2-module-mailattachment 1.0.1

Extends TransportBuilder with attachment functionality

wirecard/magento2-ee 2.0.0

Magento2 plugin for Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway

wirecard/magento2-wcp 1.0.9

Wirecard Checkout Page extension for Magento 2

wyomind/cronscheduler 1.3.0

Cron Scheduler is a toolbox that makes visible and comprehensible the cron tasks that run in the background of your Magento 2 website. This extension helps to monitor cron jobs and provides many features that help to prevent errors.

xylodev/magento2-mailtrap 0.1.0 integration for Magento 2

yireo/magento2-backend-reindexer 0.0.3

Magento 2 module to add reindexing to the Admin Panel

yireo/magento2-disablelog2 0.0.4

Magento 2 module to disable customer logging

yireo/magento2-linkpreload 1.3.0

Magento 2 extension to set HTTP Link headers for primary resources to allow for HTTP/2 preloading

yireo/magento2-newrelic2 0.3.2

Add NewRelic JS support and PHP tracking to Magento

youama/module-otp-2 1.0.5

OTP Payment integration for Magento 2

yukoff/magento2-sendgrid-smtp 0.2.1

Configure Magento 2 to use SendGrid SMTP server to send email

yvoronoy/magento2-bash-completion 1.0.1-beta

Magento2 Bash Completion Generator

zshapetech/module-best-sellers 0.1.0

ZShapeTech best sellers magento2 module

blockonomics/module-merchant 0.5.0

Bitcoin integration for Magento 2 via Blockonomics

devcccc/magento2-address-validation 0.2.0

Magento 2 address validation supporting Endereco as service!

ecommpro/module-custom-currency 1.0.6

Custom Currency for Magento 2

gene/module-braintree 3.2.1

Fork from the Magento Braintree 2.2.0 module by Gene Commerce for PayPal.

graycore/magento2-cors 1.0.0

A Magento 2 module that enables CORS on the GraphQL and REST Apis

marissen/magento2-module-longmetadescription 1.0.0

Create product meta descriptions longer than 255 characters.

pavelleonidov/module-tinymce4 2.0.0

Upgrading the Magento 2 core WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE 3) to TinyMCE 4 for Magento versions up to 2.2, several fixes and additions to Magento 2.3's TinyMCE 4 editor

rapiddive/fiximage 1.0.0

Fix image if the cache is not available then use image directly

shkoliar/magento-ngrok 1.0.1

Magento 2 module for service support

vipps/module-payment 1.3.7

Vipps Payment Method

what3words/module-what3words 1.0.3

What3Words Magento 2 Module

adyen/module-payment 4.3.0

Official Magento2 Plugin to connect to Payment Service Provider Adyen.

bitexpert/magerun2-password-normalizer 1.0.4

Plugin for netz98 Magerun2 to normalize all customer email addresses and passwords


Angular theme for Magento 2

hidonet/magento2-language-tr_tr 1.0.4

Magento2 Turkish Locale Package / Magento2 Türkçe Dil Paketi

honl/magento2-templatehints v0.2.4

H&O Magento 2 Advanced Template Hints module


Implements Blog functionality on Magento 2 store

magefan/module-login-as-customer 2.2.0

Allow for admin to enter a customer account

mageplaza/magento-2-french-language-pack 1.0.0

French language package for Magento 2

mageplaza/module-security 1.1.4

Mageplaza Security Extension

mygento/module-configsync 2.3.1

A module to store Magento configuration with multiple environments in the version control

pulsestorm/pestle 1.4.4

A CLI framework for module based PHP code. Also has numerous Magento 2 code generation commands.

quickshiftin/assetorderer 1.1.4

Ordering of CSS files for Magento2

signifyd/module-connect 3.4.1

Signifyd integration for Magento

Smile Elasticsuite - Cms Pages Search Module for Smile Elasticsuite.

snowio/magento2-extended-sales-repositories v2.3.1

Magento 2 module that exposes additional payment attributes as AdditionalInformationFields in ExtendedAttributes

taxjar/module-taxjar 1.4.1

TaxJar Sales Tax Module for Magento 2

yotpo/module-review 2.8.5

Yotpo Reviews extension for Magento2

subscribepro/subscribepro-magento2-ext 1.1.7

Subscribe Pro Magento 2 Integration Extension

amzn/amazon-payments-magento-plugin 1.7.2

Amazon Payments for Magento Plugin

boltpay/bolt-magento2 2.0.0

Bolt payment gateway integration

doofinder/doofinder-magento2 0.2.5-beta

Doofinder module for Magento 2

klaviyo/magento2-extension 1.1.2

Klaviyo extension for Magento 2. Allows pushing newsletters to Klaviyo's platform and more.

mailchimp/mc-magento2 102.3.36

Connect MailChimp with Magento

myparcelnl/magento 3.0.3

A Magento 2 module that creates MyParcel labels

nosto/module-nostotagging 3.9.0

Increase your conversion rate and average order value by delivering your customers personalized product recommendations throughout their shopping journey.

smile/module-gift-sales-rule 1.0.3

Extension of Magento2 Sales Rule to provide gifted (free) products.

smile/module-product-label 1.1.1

Extension of Magento2 to be able to contribute images associated to product attribute values.

trustpilot/module-reviews 2.6.439

The Trustpilot Review extension makes it simple and easy for merchants to collect reviews from their customers to power their marketing efforts, increase sales conversion, build their online reputation and draw business insights.

yotpo/magento2-module-yotpo-core 1.0.0

Yotpo Core module for Magento2 extensions

dutchento/m2-vatfallback 1.5.0

Provides free VAT fallback mechanism

popesites/module-quickorder v1.0

Bulk order creation using product list

storelocator/stockists 2.0.0

This is a stockists store locator extension for magento2