botgento/facebook-messenger-chatbot 1.1.7

A Magento 2 module to integrate a full-featured chatbot for Magento website within 5 minutes. Zero coding skill required





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Official Magento 2.x extension for Botgento Facebook Chatbot.

Magento 1.x users check out our Botgento Magento 1 extension.


1. Installation using Composer

2. Installation through FTP

3. Integration and Configuration

4. Troubleshooting

About Botgento

Botgento integrates Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Magento website. It delivers a business platform that understands the customer’s requirements, provides accurate answers and executes fast business operations.

It helps your eCommerce store to discover targeted audience with its advanced features that are extremely helpful to grow your business within a short span and at less cost. With Botgento you can prompt your brand promotional messages both quickly and easily, no much thought efforts required. Botgento simply makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers to reach each prospect with satisfactory replies.

Botgento for Business

Botgento builds a higher engagement that can boost the sales up. The main reason behind adopting Botgento is its extraordinary features that make business interaction more engaging. The most interesting thing Botgento makes your business operations visible and attractive to all your customers.

Business Features of Botgento are:

  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery
  2. Unlimited Broadcast
  3. Order Update
  4. Revenue Report
  5. Enhanced User Acquisition

Benefits for Business:

  1. Auto Response for Constant Queries: It's an awesome chance to continue ahead with development which is advancing like Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Botgento has started to go up against real human help administrators. You can have a smooth communication with your customers once integrated without any wrong implementation.

  2. Latest Marketing Approach: Botgento can enable you to move your business towards the correct direction by venturing into the potential customers in easy ways with required data, there is no restriction of time. Then again, Botgento is particular with adjust answers that grow better customers encounter and certainly, this will assist you with branding yourself in an outright way.

  3. Fast Business Activities: Botgento can handle multiple conversations at a time that reduces human efforts and compliment business with boosted efficiency and reducing cost, which results in growth and expansion.

  4. Phenomenal Customer Interaction: Botgento indicates particular data at once, be that as it may, the business gets progressed with a customer based contribution to give a superior collaboration, upgrading customers trust.

  5. Save Cost and Time: Botgento helps businesses to operate in a correct way which results in engaging visitors in a simple and fast manner. Botgento further helps to change website visitors into successful customers. It also accounts for the cost spent on customer benefit, here your business can set aside additional expense and time which may have been used in different business headways.


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Configuration and Troubleshooting

If you experience problems with the extension installation, setup or whenever you need more information about how to setup the Botgento extension in Magento 2.x, refer our WIKI Page or sent an e-mail to [email protected] with an exact description of the problem.


OSL (Open Software License) License 3.0. Copyright (c) 2018, Botgento Inc.