magenerds/ldap 2.0.2

LDAP auth for Magento 2 backend login





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Installation through Composer

Add "magenerds/ldap": "~2.0" to the require block in your composer.json and then run composer install.

    "require": {
        "magenerds/ldap": "~2.0"

Alternatively, you can simply run the following from the command line:

composer require magenerds/ldap "~2.0"


There are several ways to configure the ldap module for your instance and your environment. You can use Magento's setup:config:set command and/or set the options within the setup:install command. However, in each case Magento will persist the configuration data in app/etc/env.php. You can edit this file manually and deploy or mount it to your target environment.

Command options

for setup:config:set and setup:install

     --ldap-host                  Ldap host
     --ldap-port                  Ldap Port (default: "389")
     --ldap-use-tls               For the sake of security, this should be `yes` if the server has the necessary certificate installed.
     --ldap-use-ssl               Possibly used as an alternative to useStartTls
     --ldap-bind-requires-dn      Required and must be `yes`, as OpenLDAP requires that usernames be in DN form when performing a bind.
     --ldap-base-dn               As with all servers, this option is required and indicates the DN under which all accounts being authenticated are located.
     --ldap-bind-dn               Required and must be a DN, as OpenLDAP requires that usernames be in DN form when performing a bind. Try to use an unprivileged account.
     --ldap-bind-password         The password corresponding to the username above, but this may be omitted if the LDAP server permits an anonymous binding to query user accounts.
     --ldap-allow-empty-password  Allow empty password
     --ldap-cache-password        To save the user password in the Magento database. Then, users will be able to log in even when the LDAP server is not reachable.
     --ldap-role                  Role that is assigned
     --ldap-user-filter           Ldap search filter. Placeholders are ":usernameAttribute" and ":username". (default: "(&(objectClass=*)(:usernameAttribute=:username))")
     --ldap-attribute-username    Attribute in LDAP defining the user’s username. (default: "uid")
     --ldap-attribute-first-name  Attribute in LDAP defining the user’s first name. (default: "givenname")
     --ldap-attribute-last-name   Attribute in LDAP defining the user’s last name. (default: "sn")
     --ldap-attribute-email       Attribute in LDAP defining the user’s email. (default: "mail")

Use bin/magento setup:config:set --help or bin/magento setup:install --help for further information.

Also see at LDAP Authentication for a more details.

Ldap user filter

Minimal search filter


Example for memberOf


(optional) env.php

'ldap' => array(
    'host' => 'ldap',
    'port' => '389',
    'base-dn' => 'ou=users,dc=github,dc=com',
    'bind-dn' => 'cn=admin,dc=github,dc=com',
    'bind-password' => 'password',
    'role' => 'Administrator',
    'user-filter' => '(&(objectClass=*)(:usernameAttribute=:username))',
    'attribute' => array(
        'username' => 'uid',
        'first-name' => 'givenname',
        'last-name' => 'sn',
        'email' => 'mail',
    'allow-empty-password' => false,
    'cache-password' => false,
    'use-tls' => false,
    'use-ssl' => false,
    'bind-requires-dn' => false,


magenerds/ldap is distributed under the terms of the OSL-3.0