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This extension is the successor of TechDivision_SystemConfigDiff for Magento 2. Data from one Magento instance can be compared with another instance. This is useful if you have a test and a live system and you have to compare its data, i.e. system configuration. It is designed to be extended via di.xml in order to integrate more differs and readers.


Magento version >= 2.2


The extension must be installed on both the local and remote instance.

In order to connect two systems you need to configure the web service API.

An integration (System > Integrations) must exist on the remote system with the API resource

Stores > Settings > Configuration > System Diff Section

The Access Token of this integration must be used on the local instance in

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > Connection > Access Token

You can choose REST or SOAP as API to use in

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > Connection > API Type

Enter the url of the remote system in

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > Connection > Remote System URL

The module must be enabled in the system configuration to compare a remote configuration:

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > General > Enabled

To actually see the field differences between the instances in the system configuration, the display must be enabled:

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > Display > Store configuration diff

Backend Usage

In the system configuration of the module

Stores > Configuration > Magenerds > SystemDiff > Connection

is a Run button which triggers the sync between local and remote system and starts the diff.

Command Line Usage

The diff can be initiated via CLI command:

bin/magento system-diff:execute

Cron Job Usage

There is a cron job defined which triggers a diff every hour.

Integrate your own differs and readers

We implemented differ and reader pools which hold concrete differ and reader implementations configured via di.xml. Of course it is necessary to add a differ and a compatible data reader. The data reader's job is to know how to read the requested data from the database. The differ's job is to receive the local and remote data in order to diff both data sets. In order to integrate your own data reader and differ, add the following to your di.xml:

<type name="Magenerds\SystemDiff\Differ\DifferPool">
        <argument name="differs" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="yourDifferKey" xsi:type="string">Namespace\Module\Differ\YourOwnDiffer</item>

<type name="Magenerds\SystemDiff\DataReader\DataReaderPool">
        <argument name="dataReaders" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="yourDataReaderKey" xsi:type="string">Namespace\Module\DataReader\YourOwnReader</item>