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Integration with AWIN Affiliate Marketing







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AWIN Affiliate Marketing Integration for Magento2

A Magento2 Module providing integration with the AWIN Affiliate Marketing Programme.


This module can be installed via composer and the Magento2 command-line tool. For example:

composer require do-it-well/magento2-module-awin
./bin/magento module:enable DIW_AWIN
./bin/magento setup:upgrade


By default, the module will be "enabled", but inactive. The module will not output anything to your site until it has been configured. If nothing else, you will need to fill in the "Advertiser Programme ID" field. The defaults should be acceptable for all other fields.

Module configuration can be found under the Magento2 Admin Panel, in the section:

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > AWIN > AWIN Tracking

Configuration options are:

Option Description Default
Enable Allows module output to be completely toggled on/off Yes
Advertiser Programme ID Identifier for your AWIN account. This may be sometimes be called "merchant code", "advertiser id", or similar. Nothing will be output unless this option has been configured. (none)
Commission Group Default commission group which sales are assigned to "Default"
Channel AWIN Tracking Channel (this probably won't ever change) "aw"
Test Mode Sets the "test mode" flag when sending AWIN Tracking data. Use this when performing initial test transactions No

Tax Configuration

This module has been developed based on the expectations of tax configuration in the United Kingdom, ie: all prices are shown inclusive of tax, discounts apply to that tax-inclusive price, shipping is taxed at the same rate as most products, etc.

It is known that certain other tax configurations will result in totals and commission values which may not line up with expectations. The specifics of these configurations are not presently known. Adding support for them should be fairly trivial, so please open an issue on GitHub if support for such a configuration is required, detailing the specifics of your Sales > Tax settings (see "Support" for details on where to open an issue).


All module code within this repository is licensed under the MIT license. See the file for details.

Do It Well Limited is not in any way affiliated with AWIN. This module has been developed independently, without any direction or explicit or implicit endorsement or vetting on the part of those services to which it attempts to integrate.


If you encounter any problems with this module, you may open an issue on GitHub at

Premium support, assistance in module installation or configuration, or other development services, can be obtained by contacting Do It Well Limited