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Valitor Magento2-2 extension

Valitor has made it much easier for you as merchant/developer to receive secure payments in your Magento2 web shop.

== Change log ==

** Version 2.0.4

* Improvements:
    - Support multi-language for order summary section in form rendering

** Version 2.0.3

* Improvements:
        - Added support for terminal sorting

** Version 2.0.2

* Bug fixes:
    - Remove payment terminal shown upon editing order from backend
    - Fix "Could not load HTML" issue cause by X-Magento-Tags

** Version 2.0.1

* Improvements:
        - Redirect failed orders to cart details page

** Version 2.0.0

* Improvements:
        - Code formatted to Magento's recommended coding standards
* Bug fixes:
        - Fix variable undefined issue

** Version 1.1.1

* Improvements:
        - Update plugin using the new altapay/api-php dependency

** Version 1.1.0

* Improvements:
        - Rebranding from Valitor to Altapay
        - Supporting fixed product tax configurations
* Bug fixes:
        - Fixed order creation issue with free shipping
        - Fixed translation issue for status code

** Version 1.0.0

* Improvements:
        - Added plugin disclaimer
        - Code refactored according to latest coding standards
        - Added support for Klarna Payments (Klarna reintegration) and credit card token
        - Added the option of choosing a logo for each payment method
        - Added new parameters, according to the payment gateway Klarna Payments updates, for the following:
            - Create payment request
            - Capture and refund
        - Added support for AVS
        - Added support for fixed amount and Buy X get Y free discount type
* Bug fixes:
        - Discount applied to shipping not sent to the payment gateway accordingly
        - Order details dependent on the current tax configuration rather than the one at the time when order was placed

** Version 0.14.0

* Improvements:
        - Completed the rebranding changes
        - Revamped orderlines for capture and refund calls
        - Added support for bundle product and multiple tax rules
* Bug fixes:
        - Failed order when coupon code applied only to shipping
        - Duplicated confirmation email sent when e-payments
        - Rounding mismatch issue on compensation amounts

** Version 0.13.0

* Improvements: 
        - Revamp orderlines on various coupon scenarios
        - New enhancements related to various types of discounts and tax scenarios
        - Compensation amount with shipping
        - Added support for:
            - catalog discounts in relation to the latest updates on orderlines 
            - applied discount on virtual products
* Bug fixes:
        - Partial captures failing on certain cases when Klarna used as payment method
        - Exception thrown on certain cases when refunds are made 

** Version 0.12.0

* Improvement:
        - Added support for configurable products

** Version 0.11.0

* Improvements:
        - List of supported languages is dynamically fetched; only supported by the payment gateway are available
        - Terminal dropdown list with default option
        - Added support discounts applied to shipping
        - Handle correctly virtual and downloadable products at checkout completion
* Bug fixes:
        - Payment method not always shown correctly, according to the store configuration
        - Multiple issues on shipping orderline
        - Terminal enabled based on Default instead of Store configuration level
        - Capture and refund failing on certain cases
        - Amounts having more than two digits not handled correctly
        - Error message related to the back button shown when successful payment

** Version 0.10.0

* Improvements:
        - Added support for coupons
        - Browser back button improvements
        - Separate order line for cart rules sent the payment gateway
        - Improvements on handling discounts on price including tax
        - Changed private methods to protected to allow easier rewrites(credits to Martin René Sørensen, through pull request)
* Bug fixes:
        - Unit price not fetched correctly on price including taxes
        - Order status history comment added when consumer gets redirected to the payment gateway

** Version 0.9.0

* Improvement:
        - Added more details in the history comment for failed orders
* Note:
        - Only discounts in percentage, two digits, are supported for payments made with Klarna

** Version 0.8.0

* Improvements:
        - New database table according to the branding changes                  
        - Several refactored files                     
        - Database update for cleanup job after the rebranding changes
        - Added a second batch of branding changes (renamed layout files and references)
* Bug fixes:
        - Error not showing on browser back buton usage.
        - Discounts not handled properly due to unitPrice and discount percentage (the reason for the Klarna failed payments)
        - PHP 7.2 limitation has been removed

** Version 0.7.0

* Improvements:
        - Invoice automatically generated when autocapture or ePayment is used
        - Added section for order status when AutoCapture is on
* Bug fixes:
        - Notification flow broken
        - Wrong module version sent to the payment gateway

* Note:
        - before installing this version please run:
                $ bin/magento module:uninstall SDM_Altapay -r

** Version 0.6.0

* Improvements:
        - Rebranding from Altapay to Valitor
        - Platform and plugin versioning information sent to the payment gateway
        - Added support for virtual products
* Bug fixes:
        - Validation Error not been shown at back button from checkout page
        - Order Status stall in "Pending"
        - Payment capture often fails

** Version 0.5.0

* Improvement: 
        - Added failed message as order history comment for failed captures
        - Payment statuses handled properly in the notification callback
* Bug fixes:
        - Handled correctly the cancelled payment status
        - Added a fix for the percentage discounts, on item and cart level, for invoice payment methods. 
            -- Note: only one type of discounts (item or cart) can be used per order

** Version 0.4.2

* Bug fixes: 
        - Item unit price sent when capture
        - Order status set according to the configuration from the admin panel
        - Localization files encoding
        - Corrected the localization file available for the Norwegian language: Bokmål

** Version 0.4.1

* Bug fixes: 
        - Wrong reference (namespace) for the plugin
        - Module failing in rendering the callback form

** Version 0.4.0

* Improvements: 
        - Added multi language support (Danish, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and French); other languages will default to English
        - Added a custom column in the order view with correct terminal name, based on the  order's store scope
        - Improved the communication with the payment gateway

** Version 0.3.3

* Improvement: 
        - Revert the usage of a cupon if the payment is canceled by the consumer through the back button
* Bug fixes:
        - Fix the order-cleanup script to be aplicable only to Altapay transactions
        - Fix the order status show in the history comments from the order view

** Version 0.3.2

* Bug fixes:
        - Fix the order-cleanup script to be applicable only to Altapay orders
        - Fix the terminal name in the order view, according to store level

** Version 0.3.1

* Bug fix: 
        - Cancel the order if the consumer moves away from the payment form by using the back button in the browser

** Version 0.3.0

* Improvement: 
        - Payment form with the order details 
* Bug fix: 
        - Empty cart if consumer uses the back button from the payment form

** Version 0.2.1

* Bug fixes: 
        - Terms and Condition checkbox in checkout page
        - Order status, before payment, set according to the setting from the store

** Version 0.2.0

* Improvements: 
        - Update the order with the correct status and state in accordance to the payment gateway response 
        - Use StoreScope on all connections to the payment gateway
        - Add Enable option for terminals on store level

** Version 0.1.11

* Bug fix: 
        - Support for store scope

** Version 0.1.10

* Improvements: 
        - OrderLines (including taxAmount) added in the Refund request
        - Tax amount added to Capture request

** Version 0.1.9

* Bug fix: 
        - Error message not shown in case of a payment gateway error
* Client library updated: new element in the XML response for CreatePaymentRequest

** Version 0.1.8

* Bug fix: 
        - Amount type set to float

** Version 0.1.7

* Bug fix: 
        - Unit price and "handling" GoodsType

** Version 0.1.6

* Support for tax information in the order lines

How to run cypress test successfully in your environment


1) Magento2 should be installed on publically accessible URL 2) Cypress should be installed


1) Install dependencies npm i

2) Update "cypress/fixtures/config.json"

3) Execute ./node_modules/.bin/cypress run in the terminal to run all the tests