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A plugin for Magento 2 that outputs the JivoChat javascript code into the website





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JivoChat Magento 2 Plugin

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JivoChat is much more than just a regular live chat, it offers you to build a 360° customer support system. Connect message funnels, offer calls, configure and customize freely! With its charming, user-friendly and responsive design, it is easy to use and works perfectly on any device.

You won't lose any sales opportunity ever again, try us and see it yourself. Stop wasting your traffic, turn your visitors into paying customers now!

Why JivoChat?

  • Start using it in 5 minutes. Easy to use and effective – just click, install, chat and sell more!
  • Talk to your visitors anytime, anywhere via our Android, iOS, Mac or Windows apps.
  • See who is on your website, get their detailed info and proactively contact them.
  • Connect your Facebook Page, Viber and Telegram accounts, dedicate an e-mail to create a support line, and receive all the incoming messages into your Jivo app.
  • Offer calls to your clients via chat widget, be able to close deals on phone.
  • Customize & configure freely, reflect what’s in your mind to widget.
  • Ultimate chat application includes: typing insights, quick phrases & canned responses, automatic translator, file sharing, pointer, archives, delivery status, block visitors, notifications, transfer between agents, invite agent and many others.
  • Won't slow down your site, Jivo scripts will be loaded asynchronously!
  • 24/7 live support!

For a full list of features, please visit our website.

Plugin Features

  • Run different chat widgets on your multi store
  • Simple to enable and disable as you see fit
  • Hooks into all page templates using before_body_end


  • A JivoChat account is required. Please signup here to start your 14-day free trial. After 14 days it will be reduced to free version if you won’t purchase the license. You can see the pricing information in here.
  • After creating an account, you are ready to install the plugin to your store. Please follow our documentation here.


You can contact our support line at [email protected] or you can come to our website and chat with us 24/7.


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