limesharp/stockists 2.0.9

This is a stockists store locator extension for magento2





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Looking for a maintainer to take control of this project and move it forward. There are new releases of magento2 and apparently some things stopped working, i.e. issue #29. As I no longer work with magento, I don't have time to debug the issue. Anyone interested, post your availability here:

Magento2 stockists store locator extension

This is a feature rich stockists store locator extension for magento2.

Table of Contents - Magento2 stockists store locator extension - Install - Features - Usage - Basic - Import - Export - Support - Demo - Uninstall


$ composer require limesharp/stockists
$ composer update
$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade 
$ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
$ php bin/magento cache:clean

Or you can download the latest zip file from releases, drop it into your app folder, copy the contents of src folder into the main folder and then run the last 2 commands above.

Or you can also get it from the magento2 marketplace. (there it is the old version 1.0.6 with less features)

It requires magento 2.1 or above and php7 (for php5.6 use v.1.0.6).

Visit the extension website:

You need to use your own gmaps api key. Go to and get your own key and then insert it in configuration > stockists > Gmaps Api Key. Otherwise the map may not work because of Gmaps' daily limits.


  • Details: name, address, city, country, postcode, internal link, external link, telephone, email, schedule, description, intro, nearest station, distance;
  • Images: upload images of your stores. Two images can be uploaded, one for index page and one for individual store pages;
  • Individual store pages on your website;
  • Import: import your stores from a csv file;
  • Export: export stores to a csv file;
  • Interactive map: stores positioned on the map via longitude and latitude;
  • Geolocation: show nearest stores to user (in chrome only via https);
  • Search: search functionality in the sidebar;
  • Directions: show directions from user location to store (driving, walking, cycling or public transport);
  • Map Styles: choose from over 10 different map styles to fit your store;
  • Breadcrumbs: show/hide breadcrumbs;
  • SEO: edit titles, meta descriptions and keywords;
  • Url: chose your url where your store locator appears;
  • Radius: Select and style your radius in settings;
  • Unit: Chose between miles and kilometres;
  • Pin: Use custom map pin;
  • Responsive: Mobile responsive templates;
  • Templates: Choose from 3 different templates;
  • Api key: Use your own Gmaps api key for higher traffic;



  • The default url is /stockists. So once installed go to (insert store code if necessary);
  • Location in admin is inside content menu > stockists;
  • Name, latitude and longitude are required values;
  • Bear in mind that chrome and some other browsers allow geolocation services only via https;


  • The csv file needs to be comma separated and values should be quoted;
  • check the sample csv file in in docs folder;
  • name, latitude and longitude are required;
  • country field should be the 2 letter ISO code. Example: GB for United Kingdom and US for USA;
  • image should be the path of the image which is built from the first to letters separated by slash and then the name of the image. Example: for image test.png the path is /t/e/test.png. The image should be placed in folder pub/media/limesharp_stockists/stockist/image/t/e/ (last 2 letters changed of course);
  • if you want a stockist to be in multiple stores you can pass the ids of stores comma separated inside the store_id field;
  • To make sure your csv file is formatted correctly, you can open it in a text editor. It should look like this (comma separated and quoted values):



  • Just click export stores and a file will be saved by your browser on your computer;


  • I DO NOT offer any free technical support in installing or customizing this extension.
  • This extention works out of the box with any magento 2.1 site, but depending on your theme it may need further styling.
  • If you need help please ask questions on .


  • Main dashboard:

Main dashboard * Location in admin:

Locationd * Settings:

Settings Settings Settings

  • Frontend full page:


  • Frontend store window:


  • Store Details:


  • Frontend search:


  • Driving directions:

Driving directions


  • If you installed it manually:

    • remove the folder app/code/Limesharp/Stockists;
    • drop the tables limesharp_stockists_stores (drop table limesharp_stockists_stores);
    • remove the config settings. DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE 'limesharp_stockists/%'
    • remove the module Limesharp_Stockists from app/etc/config.php
    • remove the module Limesharp_Stockists from table setup_module: DELETE FROM setup_module WHERE module='Limesharp_Stockists'
  • If you installed it via composer:

    • run this in console: php bin/magento module:uninstall -r Limesharp_Stockists.