sailthru/sailthru-magento2-extension 2.4.1

Sailthru Module for Magento





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##### Sailthru Magento 2 Extension

Installation Instructions

  1. Get the module via composer composer require sailthru/sailthru-magento2-extension
  2. Enable the module bin/magento module:enable Sailthru_MageSail
  3. Upgrade the database bin/magento setup:upgrade (Depending on Magento mode, you may need to run magento setup:di:compile)
  4. Go to Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sailthru to configure. Visit the Sailthru Documentation Site for setup documentation.

Note: If sync'ing variant products with no visible individual URL, you should enable "Preserve Fragments" in Sailthru here.

Javascript Setup

The Sailthru MageSail module comes ready to use Sailthru's new PersonalizeJs javascript. To add page-tracking and gather onsite data like pageviews and clicks:

  1. Add your Customer ID (found here) to vendor/sailthru/sailthru-magento2-extension/view/frontend/web/spm.js

Please contact Sailthru to learn more about and enable Site Personalization Manager.

To define transactional template to be overriden by Sailthru

Declare new transactional email template in ./etc/template_config.xml file that can be created within any module. Each template definition in ./etc/template_config.xml has four required parameters that are defined in ./etc/template_list.xsd file. Required parameters are: 1. id - transactional email template identifier in Magento 2 2. name - template title which will be displayed in Admin Panel -> Stores -> Configuration -> Sailthru -> Transactionals -> General Transactionals dropdown list 3. custom_template_source - Core Config Path to native Magento 2 transactional email template ID value. Is utilized when custom email template overrides default Magento 2 email template 4. sort_order - template sort order

After updating the ./etc/template_config.xml file run php bin/magento cache:clean config to clean Config cache. To extend or change structure of a transactional email templates override config file use ./etc/template_list.xsd file.

Use Magento Email Queue

Sailthru Magento 2 extension utilizes standard Magento queueing functionality.

  1. Go to Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sailthru > Messaging > Advanced
  2. Set flag "Use Magento Email Queue" to Yes and save configuration
  3. Make sure Magento cron is setup and running
  4. To test Sailthru messages queue consumer execute:
$ php bin/magento queue:consumers:start
$ php bin/magento queue:consumers:start

RabbitMQ integration

Instead of standard database based queue broker RabbitMQ can be used

Refer to Magento Guide: RabittMQ Setup