shipperhq/module-shipper 20.9.0

Magento Shipping integration with ShipperHQ




OSL-3.0, AFL-3.0

Requires (dev)











Integrate Magento 2 with ShipperHQ to provide highly flexible shipping rate management. More information on ShipperHQ capabilities are available at



ShipperHQ will install as a simple shipping carrier in Magento 2. To get started you'll need to sign up for a ShipperHQ account at ShipperHQ.

There's no cost for the extension and ShipperHQ is free for 30 days.

Once installed, you can configure with your ShipperHQ platform credentials to provide multiple carrier rates and manage complex shipping rules via our ShipperHQ dashboard.


  • Magento >= 2.0 (Incl 2.2)

Installation Instructions

Install using composer by adding to your composer file using commands:

  1. composer require shipperhq/module-shipper
  2. composer update
  3. bin/magento setup:upgrade

We recommend you also install our logging module

  1. composer require shipperhq/module-logger
  2. composer update
  3. bin/magento setup:upgrade

Further information is available from ShipperHQ documentation


If you have any issues with this extension, open an issue on GitHub. Alternatively you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our website

Magento Issues Impacting ShipperHQ

  1. Magento v2.1.3 - Website specific shipping rates or configuration are not working
    • Github Issue:
    • Related Issue:
    • Code change required to fix:
  2. "Malformed Request" error when saving configuration or attempting to synchronize - environment is PHP 7
    • Github Issue:
    • Code change required to fix:
  3. Only country, region and postcode are included in shipping request at checkout - you may not see correct rates returned if filtering on city or PO box addresses
    • Github Issue:
    • Resolved in Magento 2.1 and above for Guest checkout, logged in customers will still only see region/state, postcode and country
  4. Error thrown when using Elastic search and Magento Enterprise " error: MapperParsingException[No handler for type [array] declared on field [shipperhq_master_boxes]]"
    • Magento issue number/patch reference: MDVA-791 - contact Enterprise support for patch
  5. Error thrown when placing an order with some shipping methods. Root cause is that some shipping methods have shipping method codes longer than the column length on quote for shipping_method field. Field is truncating the code and order cannot be placed.
    • Github Issue:
  6. Free shipping via cart rules are never removed once they have been applied, even if conditions are no longer met
    • Github Issue:
  7. Shipping step of checkout times out and returns multiple blank radio buttons. Specific to PHP5.x. Ensure you have set always_populate_raw_post_data to -1 in your php.ini file


Any contribution is highly appreciated. The best way to contribute code is to open a pull request on GitHub.


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