mailplus/mailplus-connector 1.8.1

The MailPlus connector for magento 2





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MailPlus Connector

Connect your webshop to your MailPlus account.

NOTE: This version is for Magento 2.2 or higher. A MailPlus eCom account is required to utilize the following features. Please contact MailPlus to setup your account.

Installation using composer

  • cd \<magento-folder>

  • composer config repositories.mailplus vcs

  • composer require mailplus/mailplus-connector

  • bin/magento module:enable MailPlus_MailPlus

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Connects automatically with your webshop

  • Contact details are automatically synchronized with MailPlus. So you are always ready for a new mailing.
  • All products are synchronized to MailPlus. So you can simply add the products to your newsletter.
  • In eCom Business & Enterprise all orders are synchronized which you can use for RFM selections.

Email editor with product catalog

  • Select a product from the catalog. MailPlus places it directly in the newsletter with your own design.
  • Show the number of rating stars per product. This information is automatically synchronized with your webshop.
  • Let your recipients easily share products in your newsletter via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Follow the behavior of your recipients outside your newsletter with the automatically added analytics code.

Clear reports

  • Next to the mailing statistics you will also see a report of the conversion in your store as a result of the mailing.
  • A unique feature is the possibility of comparing the response of multiple similar e-mails.

Ready-to-use automatic campaigns (eCom Business &Enterprise)

  • Abandoned cart: Send your customers an automatic message when they abandon their shopping cart.
  • Win-back: Send a special offer to customers who haven't placed any order in the last 6 months.
  • Birthday: Encourage sales and involvement with a personal birthday greeting.
  • Product review: Easily collect valuable reviews for more conversion and better search engine visibility.
  • Welcome: A registration confirmation will be sent automatically to new subscribers to your newsletter.

Target Selections based on order history

  • Find out who are your most loyal customers with a selection on the number of orders.
  • Who are the 'big spenders'? Make a selection in MailPlus based on revenue.
  • Make selections based on a product or brand. Useful for a recall or special offer.

Project development initialization

  • Run composer install
    • This should install dependencies to ../vendor (Intellij should add these as library roots for code completions
    • You might need to create a app/etc/vendor_path.php file
  • Run vagrant up
  • Uncomment the synced folders in the vagrant file and vagrant reload (you can move the vagrantfile to a separate change set so it's not committed in git)
  • Enable the plugin by running (in the vagrant box)

    magento module:enable --clear-static-content MailPlus_MailPlus

    magento setup:upgrade

    magento setup:di:compile