emartech/emarsys-magento2-extension 2.0.9

Magento2 integration for the Emarsys Marketing Platform





Requires (dev)










For development environment information refer to dev README.

Magento2 integration for the Emarsys Marketing Platform installation guide

  1. ### Composer install the package $ composer require emartech/emarsys-magento2-extension
  2. ### Run Magento setup to install the module $ bin/magento setup:upgrade
  3. Get your connect token

    The connect token contains a token for Magento webapi and your current hostname, so that we can send requests to your instance.

    To get your token, navigate to Stores > Configuration page in your Magento admin, expand the Emarsys panel on the left side and click Connect. Your token will be displayed in a textarea, copy that string.

  4. Connect your Emarsys account

    Navigate to Emarsys Suite, from the top menu choose Add-ons and click the Magento 2 menu item.

    On the settings page click Connect, paste your connect token and click the Connect button.

    Next, you have to click the Stores button. Your store and website data will be loaded, so first choose the Magento website you want to connect with your Emarsys account. A list of the stores on the website will be populated, choose any of the stores you want to connect. You may change the Slug field for something meaningful for you (please keep the slug format, no spaces, special characters, etc). Click the Connect button.

  5. Turn on the features

    Now you can start turning on the provided features. Note that some features and depending on each other, so for example you will not be able to turn on Orders until the initial Customers upload is finished.

    Also note, that if your store does not use the Magento provided frontend, the Web behavior tracking feature will not work. You will have to implement tracking as described here.