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Powered By Divido Magento 2 Extension

The Powered by Divido Extension for Magento 2 enables you to add financing to you checkout payment options.

Provider subscription

To use this plugin you need to have a Provider account and subscription.


Install with composer

$ cd /path/to/magento
$ composer require divido/divido-magento2
$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade


To be able to checkout with Finance. In Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods you will find the Powered by Divido Financing option.

Enter the API-key from your Finance Provider account in the field API-key Set the field Enabled to Yes

That should be it to get going with your chosen Finance Provider as a checkout option.

Setup fields description

Field Description
Environment URL Obtained from your provider, needed to communicate with the PBD system
API-key Obtained from your provider, needed to identify your shop in communications with the PBD system
Shared secret Obtained from your provider, enables message signing.
Enabled Enables / Disables both the product page calculator and checkout option
Debug  Logs useful information when troubleshooting
Title The title of the checkout option
Create order on Decide at what stage in the Finance process you want to create the order and reserve stock
New order status What status a new order created through your provider will have
Automatic fulfilment Notify Finance Provider and the lender that an order has been fulfilled
Fulfilment status Set the status at which an order is considered fulfilled
Minimum cart amount Under this amount, Powered by Divido is not available as a checkout option
Product selection Decide what products are available on finance
Displayed plans Decide what plans are globally available

Content Page Widgets

The Extension also includes two widgets which can be inserted into the custom pages on your site. These widgets allow you to show the various options available to potential customers by either setting a static amount in the plugin's configuration, or by showing a text box that would allow the customer to enter an amount and instantly receive the details of their payment plan on that basis.

The steps to implement this feature are explained below:

  1. Click on Content and then Pages in the submenu in your administration panel.
  2. Click on Select and then Edit in the submenu in the row corresponding to the page you wish to add the widget, or alternatively click the Add New Page button if you'd like the widget to feature on a new page.
  3. Click on the down arrow adjacent to the Content header to expand that section, then place the cursor where you would like the widget to appear in the text editor and select the Insert Widget icon at the top left area of the editor.
  4. Select either Divido Block Widget or Divido Popup Widget from the Widget Type selection list
  5. Enter a default amount that the widget will calculate within the Default Amount widget option
  6. Choose to either show a text box, allowing customers to enter an amount which will dynamically calculate their potential plan, or hide this option by selecting No in the Show text box? widget option
  7. Click on the Insert Widget button at the bottom right
  8. Click on the Save Page button on the top right.

Providing you have an API key inserted in your Setup (see above) the widget should now be displaying in the page you have edited/created.

Please note that the Widgets will stretch to 100% of the width of its container, so you may wish to enclose the widget within a table column or div if you would like to inhibit the width.

Dev Tips

It might be a good idea to disable caching in the system configuration for development. 1. In the admin left panel go to SYSTEM -> Cache Management and then click on the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner and pick Disable, then select Page Cache and click Submit