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Intervention Image helper for Magento 2





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Intervention Image helper for Magento 2

A useful template helper for applying transformations to images in Magento 2 using the Intervention Image library.


composer require dakzilla/intervention-image-helper

php bin/magento setup:upgrade


  • The image helper can be called from any front-end .phtml template. No need to create a custom block!
  • All of the transformation methods can be chained
  • By using an @var DocComment as shown in the example below, your IDE will show autocompletion and documentation hints for each method
  • The images are cached automatically on creation, and are loaded from cache on every subsequent call
  • Ability to set JPEG quality directly in template
  • Plays well with other image manipulation/optimization modules


Transforming an image from a template

Call the image helper from any front-end (.phtml) template using this code:

/** @var \Dakzilla\Intervention\Helper\Image $imageHelper */
$imageHelper = $this->getImageHelper();

You can now call the make method to a relative image path or an image URL

$image = $imageHelper->make('test/Pineapple.jpg')

Will resolve and load the file at /path/to/your/site/pub/media/test/Pineapple.jpg

Then, you can chain the desired transformation methods, and finally call the get method to get the http link to the cached image:

$imageUrl = $image->flip()
    ->resize(350, null, function ($constraint) {

# Will return http://mysite.com/media/cache/dakzilla_intervention/<cache key>/myimage.jpg

Or, you can do all of these at once with a short, chained syntax:

<img src="<?php echo $this->getImageHelper()
    ->fit(350, 700)
    ->get(); ?>">

Enabling JPEG compression and setting the quality

JPEGs can be reduced in size by lowering the quality of the final output. PNGs will not be compressed, since they are a lossless format. From the template, call this method on the image helper to enable JPEG compression and set the quality (1-100, lowest to highest):

/** @var \Dakzilla\Intervention\Helper\Image $imageHelper */

Clearing the image cache

Delete the image cache directory. By default, this is <magento root>/pub/media/cache/dakzilla_intervention To avoid potential permission issues, do not re-create this folder after deleting it. Let Magento re-create it automatically with the server permissions.

Available transformation methods

The helper provides IDE-compatible method hints for every available transformation method. For the most part, these methods are self-explanatory. For further information on these methods, please refer to the Intervention Image documentation.

  • blur
  • brightness
  • circle
  • colorize
  • contrast
  • crop
  • ellipse
  • fill
  • flip
  • fit
  • gamma
  • greyscale
  • heighten
  • insert (ex: for applying a watermark)
  • interlace
  • invert
  • limitColors
  • line
  • mask
  • opacity
  • orientate (for camera pictures with EXIF data)
  • pixel
  • pixelate
  • polygon
  • rectangle
  • resize
  • resizeCanvas
  • rotate
  • sharpen
  • text
  • trim
  • widen


  • This module does not include tests
  • This module does not provide a way to choose the image manipulation library (defaults to GD)
  • Some features from the Intervention Image library (like canvas or output streaming) are not available (but may be implemented later)


This module has been tested with Magento 2.1 through 2.3. As Magento 2 is still evolving rapidly, there is no guarantee that it will work with every version. However, as this package is unassuming in what it achieves and respects Magento 2 best coding practices, I see no reason why it should cause issues in your installation.


  • PHP 7.0 and above
  • Tested on Magento Open Source 2.1 - 2.3 and Commerce Edition 2.2
  • GD library
  • Fileinfo Extension


  • Provide a way to clear image cache from admin and command line
  • Tests
  • Provide more control to end-user, like choosing the image manipulation library
  • Allow cached images to expire
  • Automatically clean up expired image caches via cron
  • A way to create image templates (pre-made styles) to provide a shorter, cleaner template syntax
  • Adding Etags in HTTP header for better cache invalidation


This simple package is piggybacking on the incredible work of Oliver Vogel with his Intervention Image and Image Cache packages.

This module was also inspired by the awesome work of Stämpfli AG and their Magento 2 Image Resizer module.


This module is licensed under the MIT License

Copyright 2017 Simon Dakin

Made with ♥ in Montreal