reviewscouk/reviews 0.4.3 Magento 2 Integration




OSL-3.0, AFL-3.0



Requires (dev)









None for Magento

You'll need to sign up at or to use this plugin.


  1. Via command line, cd to Magento2 root folder

  2. As this plugin is hosted on, you simply use the following to instruct composer to fetch and install the module:

    composer require reviewscouk/reviews:0.0.43
  3. When this is complete, cd to /bin and run the following:

    ./magento module:enable Reviewscouk_Reviews --clear-static-content
    ./magento setup:upgrade

Basic Configuration

This extension requires a Store ID and an API key, obtained from your account area on or To find these details;

  1. Log into your account, and navigate to Integrations
  2. Then, select Magento
  3. Here, you'll find your Store ID and API Key required by the module.

To configure the module, log into your Magento Administration panel (ensuring the module is correctly installed) and then;

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> -> Setup
  2. Select your Region. customers will be UK, and customers will be US
  3. Enter your Store ID and API KEY

Store Specific Integration

The Reviews Magento extension offers a number of features - which ones you use will depend on what you're looking to achieve. Below is in a brief outline of them all, and instruction on how to configure them.

Review Collection Emails

Magento can automate the review collection process by sending customer/order data to the Reviews platform as soon as an order is completed. You can control the automated collection of Merchant and Product reviews independently by;

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> -> Automation -> Review Collection
  2. To enable collection of Merchant Reviews set Queue Merchant Review Emails to Yes
  3. To enable collection of Product Reviews set Queue Products Review Emails to Yes

Product Feed

The product feed allows you to sync your product catalog with the Reviews platform. This feed will be available at To enable this;

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> -> Automation -> Product Feed
  2. Under Product Feed, set Product Feed to Yes.
  3. When you save these settings, the URL of your feed will automatically be added to your Reviews account.

Product Reviews Widget

Automatically pull through product specific reviews directly onto your product pages. To enable this;

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> -> On Page Content -> Product Reviews Widget
  2. Set Display Reviews Widget on Product Pages to Yes
  3. You can set the colour used in the widget by entering a HEX colour code into the Widget Hex Colour field. This code must be a valid 6 digit HEX value, with or without the leading # character.
  4. This extension offers 2 types of widget, set via changing the value in the Product Widget Version drop down. Javascript Widget is the classic method of displaying reviews and will place an iFrame on the page with the reviews inside. The newer method, Static Content Widget, will display the reviews directly on the product page, rather than inside an iFrame. This is the preferred method as it allows search engines like Google to crawl and cache the content of the reviews.

Rich Snippets

The Magento modules allows you to automatically include structured Rich Snippet data on your pages. This data is used by search engines to better understand the content of your pages. Search engines also often use this data to improve the content of results on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You can find out more information here

To enable Rich Snippets;

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> -> On Page Content -> Rich Snippets
  2. To enable Rich Snippets containing Merchant review data, set Enable Merchant Rich Snippets to Yes
  3. To enable Rich Snippets containing Product review data, set Enable Product Rich Snippets to Yes