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Magento Shipping Multiple Table Rates - MatrixRate




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ShipperHQ and WebShopApps MatrixRate

A Shipping Rate module for Magento 2.x which supports showing multiple shipping methods. This is based on the Magento Tablerate module and is managed via a csv file.



The MatrixRate shipping extension is the original Magento solution that enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. With MatrixRate you can define different shipping rates according to destination, shipping method and the weight, price or quantity of an item.


  • Magento >= 2.0 (Includes 2.3)

This library aims to support and is tested against the following PHP implementations:

  • PHP 5.5
  • PHP 5.6
  • PHP 5.7
  • PHP 7.0
  • PHP 7.1
  • PHP 7.2

per the official Magento 2 requirements

Installation Instructions

Install using composer by adding to your composer file using commands:

  1. composer require webshopapps/module-matrixrate
  2. composer update
  3. bin/magento setup:upgrade

Full instructions are also available in our online documentation.


For further information on using Matrixrates, please refer to our online documentation. If you have any issues with this extension, open an issue on GitHub. Alternatively you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our website http://webshopapps.com/contacts/

WebShopApps MatrixRates is provided AS IS and we are not accepting feature requests at this time. Extended functionality is available via ShipperHQ.

Magento Issues Impacting MatrixRates

  1. Magento v2.1.3 - Website specific shipping rates or configuration are not working - you may not see any rates when placing an order via the admin panel
    • Github Issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/7840
    • Related Issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/7943
    • Code change required to fix: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/7943#issuecomment-269508822
  2. Only country, region and postcode are included in shipping request at checkout - you may not see correct rates returned if filtering on city or PO box addresses
    • Github Issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/3789
    • Resolved in Magento 2.1 and above for Guest checkout, logged in customers will still only see region/state, postcode and country
  3. Error thrown when placing an order with some shipping methods. Root cause is that some shipping methods have shipping method codes longer than the column length on quote for shipping_method field. Field is truncating the code and order cannot be placed.
    • Github Issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/6475


This extension borrows heavily from the Tablerate capability in Magento2. In order to keep codebase as bug-free and conformant as possible the tablerate code is used in preference to writing from scratch. This hopefully also allows for easier understanding by users.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Magento 2 Development team for making their codebase open for such use.

The composer structure is taken from various sources, most heavily using structure from https://github.com/sjparkinson/static-review.

Assistance around composer, Magento2 structure, etc was also taken from these sources:


Any contribution is highly appreciated. The best way to contribute code is to open a pull request on GitHub.


Copyright (c) 2015 Zowta LLC & Zowta Ltd. See LICENSE for details.

We also dutifully respect the Magento OSL license, which is included in this codebase.


Copyright (c) 2015 Zowta LLC & Zowta Ltd.