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dotmailer for Magento 2 ======



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You are welcome to contribute to dotmailer for Magento! You can either: - Report a bug: create a GitHub issue including description, repro steps, Magento and extension version numbers - Fix a bug: please clone and use our Testing branch to submit your Pull Request - Request a feature on our community forum


  • We've done a large amount of code refactoring and have implemented main Magento extension best practices.
Bug fixes
  • The order sync no longer gets stuck due to missing additional info that’s required.
  • Coupon codes no longer expire after an hour despite the expiration being set beyond an hour.
  • We’ve fixed the response that’s returned when Feefo authorisation fails.
  • Security has been enhanced for external dynamic content so that links typecast the expected input.
  • Support is no longer provided for PHP 5.5.
  • The cron default config for orders has been fixed.
  • JavaScript ‘DOM ready’ fixes have been implemented for easy email capture, MailCheck, ROI and page tracking code, fancyBox and log viewer.
  • A problem with disabling the customer registration email has been fixed.
  • As a security update, we’ve removed usage of ‘serialize/unserialize’ and using json_encode/json_decode instead.
  • A security update has been implemented for the permission in var/export/email and /var/export/email/archive folders, plus usage of ‘umask’ has been removed.
  • The transport file from the Zend Mail library is now compatible with Magento 2.2.
  • Foreign keys have been added to the email_catalog table’s catalog_product_entity, and to email_order table’s sales_order.


Bug fixes
  • We've fixed a styling issue that was not visible in the trial version pop-up window.
  • We've fixed a problem that had been adversely affecting the exclusion rules report table upon execution of a mass delete action.
  • We've refactored the code for trial accounts.
  • A fix has been implemented to prevent problems that were being experienced with OAUTH redirections.
  • Changes in 'Subscriber' status weren't being sent back to Magento from dotmailer; this has been fixed.
  • ‘First customer order’ automation programs were incorrectly firing more than once for customers; this no longer happens
  • Email capturing has been fixed to observe input for the entry fields; previously this hadn't been working as expected.


  • Bulk order sync will have a delay(60min) before being imported.
  • Improve install script for customers that are subscribed.
Bug fixes
  • Subscribers with datafields issues.
  • Campaign bulk setProccessing array conversion.
  • Abandoned cart price fetch from quote.
  • Send id is set for all failed campaign records.
  • Abandoned cart with wrong email contact_id.
  • Update Product/Orders transactional data schema.
  • Trail account creation process refactoring and tests.
  • Fix automap datafields for different websites.
  • Api endpoint for multiple accounts.
  • Easy email capture not updating is_guest field.
  • Abandoned carts time issue.
  • Single orders inside importer will have full data object.
  • Importer fix for delete contact type.
  • Check for api enabled before creating contact.
  • Subscriber guest is not triggered to be removed.
  • Customer subscription when email is changed.
  • Unsubscribe subscribers not getting removed from the address book.
  • Contact subscription status not being changed.
  • Massdelete action for report tables when select all.
  • Automation report table status not displayed.
  • Importer status is saved in wrong column.
  • Newsletter subscription with default option selected will make api call.
  • Contact saving suppression is using wrong key.
  • Revert guest finding feature.
  • Duplicate guests email fix.
  • Importer with no website id for orders.


Bug fixes
  • Storename fix(#215)


  • Api endpoints for different region accounts.
  • Improved trail account creation process.
  • Improved Guests finding(separated from the order sync).
Bug fixes
  • Abandoned cart process throws error(collection).
  • Single orders type inside importer.
  • Abandoned carts timezone issue.
  • Order sync can have duplicate emails for guests.
  • Cannot automap(button) when using different websites.
  • Failed send campaign in bulk containing duplicated contact_ids(dotmailer @AndrewGretton).
  • Campaign report messages/sendId for suppresed/failed contacts.


Bug fixes
  • Syntax error or access violation while updating Coupon code.
  • Stop emulation when api is disabled.


  • Admin Log file viewer.
  • Subsribers now have datafields.
Bug fixes
  • ACL for reports menu items.
  • API creds always for default level.
  • Compatibility _getChildrenElementsHtml with 2.1.3.
  • Unrecognized getFirstItem for last review date.
  • Go to cart button should redirect to quote's store.
  • Get addressBooks using the website level creds.
  • DI when initializing Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail.
  • Fix js for the dotmailer configuration page.
  • Unserialize error for orders sync.
  • Remove modification for guest quote items.
  • Now can be added multiple dimention condition for Rules.


Bugs fixes
  • InvalidContactIdentifier for single orders.
  • Compatibility with catalogStaging for enterprise.
  • Fix admin configuration fancybox error.


  • Compatible with Magento 2.1 version.
  • Coupon EDC expiration date. You can set the expiration date for coupon included into the URL
  • Improve finding guests. Guest will be added in bulk to the table.
  • Add new automation for first customer order event.
  • EDC include all product types to have an image and inlcude the price range available for the product.
Bug fixes
  • EDC fixed the prefix for table names.
  • Fix unsubscribeEmail register already exists.
  • New installation do not get the customers mark as subscribers.
  • Automation program enrollment without unserialized is failing.
  • Exclution Rules conditional mapping fix.
  • Fix the case sensitive namespace.
  • Wishlist not batching.
  • Allow to include Order multiselect attributes.